Monday, September 13, 2010

stupid photo, a couple weeks old, but i need to post something.

how have i ever lived anywhere but the city? i love it here so much i can't stand it. for art school i wasn't expecting the work to be so time-consuming and difficult, but it's a good thing. i enjoy working really hard when it's something i enjoy. i've never really had to draw before, and my observational drawing class is my absolute favorite. we're concentrating on the human form, which means live nude models. and i get covered in charcoal and the other students blow my work away but i have so much fun.
i'm so happy you guys.
i wonder if anybody is going to read this.
i have a project that will be keeping me up all night, but tomorrow i'm hoping to get to the beach to take a self portrait i've had planned for a really long time. thanks for being so patient, it's been insane.

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  1. Very cool! I have a friend who is in art school and it surprised me how time consuming his work was also! But, to the artists, it always seems worth it :)