Monday, June 21, 2010

first things first

my camera arrived in the mail. or should i say, patrick's camera. the kindness of somebody i've never met has completely saved my sanity. i'm the luckiest girl in the world, and he's the kindest guy i've ever had the priveledge of knowing. so, for the trillionth time, THANK YOU PATRICK.

click on those for some yummy details. all three are SOOC :)

happiness is driving in the country at 5 am while the sun is rising, listening to this song very loudly, with my dog in the passenger seat enjoying the wind in her face.

dawn is my favorite, i get this amazing feeling like the entire world is still sleeping and i'm the only one alive. and the light is perfect. i'm so fucking happy right now.

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  1. I feel the same way at dawn :) But usually its me staying up until dawn not waking up haha. why on earth were you up that early? :) ps. love that song! you should follow my blog!